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City Recognizes Contributions with Distinctive Awards

de Aviles Award and the Order of La Florida

are city's most prestigious awards

Over the last thirty five years, the City Commission has presented one of its two most prestigious awards 46 times. The de Avilés Award and the Order of La Florida have slghtly different criteria, but each carries the highest honors the Commission may bestow on behalf of the people of St. Augustine.

Since its creation in 1988, the de Avilés Award has been presented 29 times to those who are, according to the guidelines, “...identified in the field of public service or those well-known and respected by the citizenry who have dedicated and honorable service to the community of St. Augustine and St. Johns County.” Since 2002, the award has been limited to one recipient per calendar year. The most recent presentation was to Dr. Robert Hayling in July.

By contrast, the Order of La Florida is an older award, started in 1975, but has been presented only 17 times to those who “... have, over a long period of time unselfishly devoted their time and talent to the welfare and betterment of our citizens and heritage and who have exemplified the finest qualities of citizenship and have contributed extraordinary services to the community.” Recipients must be at least 55 years of age, and there may only be eight living recipients at any one time. The most recent presentation was for Frank and Betty Usina in March 2009

The process for naming a recipient for the two awards are similar. A commissioner makes a nomination in writing to the city manager who notifies the other commissioners, and if there are no objections, the nomination is placed on the agenda for a Commission meeting and is formally approved.

After approval by the Commission, arrangements are made with the recipient for the presentation, usually at the beginning of a City Commission meeting. Occasionally the award, an elegant certificate, is presented as part of a program at a gathering held by friends or associates of the recipient.

It has become customary as a part of any presentation to read aloud the names of the past recipients. As Mayor Joe Boles said prior to the Usina presentation:

"It is important for us to take a moment and hear the names of those we have honored with this award. Some names you may remember and some not, some of these friends are still with us, and some are not, but each name reminds us of a member of our community who gave unselfish service back to our community."

Even the casual reader of the list of recipients will recognize the names of many current as well as recently past community leaders whose contributions have been many and varied for all of the St. Augustine and St. Johns County community.

Recipient Roster

The roster is in order of presentation date and denotes recipients that are deceased* and posthumous** presentations. For a printable roster, click here.)

de Aviles Award

  • Hiram Faver (08/22/88**)
  • Vincent Amato (09/12/88**)
  • Charles Colee (10/24/88*)
  • Fannie Fulwood (10/24/88*)
  • William J. McGrath (10/24/88*)
  • Eddie Vickers (10/24/88*)
  • Perry Gills (09/25/89*)
  • Buddy Larsen (09/25/89*)
  • Jackie Feagin (04/09/90*)
  • Virgil S. Stuart (06/25/90**)
  • Eugenia Y. Genovar (08/26/91**)
  • Gamble Rogers (11/25/91**)
  • Walter Bugeski (03/9/92*)
  • Samantha Wilson (04/12/93*)
  • Junior Service League of St. Augustine (06/28/93)
  • Margaret H. Nemo (01/10/94*)
  • Leo C. Chase, Sr. (06/13/94**)
  • W. G. “Bubba” Braddock (01/22/96)
  • John Versaggi (03/25/96*)
  • Flossie I. Poe (09/22/97)
  • P. Paul Fagundo (05/24/99*)
  • Katherine Twine (08/28/00*)
  • Billie Frost Pruitt (06/15/01*)
  • Otis Mason (08/13/01)
  • Jack Williams (10/6/03*)
  • Rosalie Gordon-Mills (05/24/04**)
  • Francisco Javier Vallaure de Acha (06/17/05)
  • Joseph W. and Faith K. Tiberio (05/23/06)
  • Robert B. Hayling (07/02/11)

Order of La Florida

  • Henry W. McMillan (05/28/75*)
  • Herbert E. Wolfe (02/15/77*)
  • John D. Bailey (02/15/77)
  • Albert C. Manucy (05/09/83*)
  • Lawrence Lewis, Jr. (01/29/84*)
  • Eleanor Phillips Barnes (08/26/86*)
  • Xavier Lopez Pellicer, Sr. (01/27/87*)
  • Clarissa Anderson Gibbs (01/27/87*)
  • Luis Rafael Arana (12/13/88*)
  • Eugene Lyon (10/26/92)
  • Edward G. Mussallem (03/26/94)
  • Gerome George Kass (10/05/97)
  • Kenneth Beeson (05/14/01*)
  • William L. Proctor (08/24/01)
  • Michael Gannon (09/18/07)
  • Kathleen Deagan (09/18/07)
  • Frank D. Usina & Elizabeth K. Usina (03/09/09)
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